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Eco Medix is great, quality of products is fantastic, timely delivery and they really care about their customers. They actually customized the kit so it tailors our needs as a team that will be attending to the needs of an entire college campus!

Olga G.

 Just what the Nurse ordered.....The bag and contents actually arrived earlier than expected which was great and my wife loved it

Joseph A.

I am a trained first responder. This “Advanced Eco Medix First Responder Kit” I ordered has everything you need for most situations. I am about to order 2 more so I can leave one in my truck, And have one in the RV.
I also had my church order one to keep in the back in case of an emergency. It's an awesome kit, well organized. Worth every penny and more!

L. Rhodes

I've been using the "eco medix Cardiology Stethoscope" for over 2 years and I find that the sound is much clearer and it is easier to hear gallop s4's than the other "brand name" stethoscopes that I have. I prefer this one much more than the others and its a fraction of the price..  I would recommend other Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, Nurses and students to buy this and for many years you will able to detect murmurs that you learned about..

Y. Solomon NP, Montreal, Quebec

Eco Medix. We Know First Aid



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